Project Details

Project Details

GoodDollar is a non-profit protocol governed by the GoodDAO aimed to enable every person with a cell phone to be able to experience, learn, and use digital currency. We are building a more Inclusive Economy, Together, by Putting Digital Money In The Hands Of People.

GoodDollar is generating a sustainable-by-design Universal Basic Income economy, by the issuance of a reserve-backed cryptocurrency (G$) with supply policies is based on the AMM Bancor Formula, which sets the G$ price (according to a reserve ratio policy) and generates the supply that is demanded by buyers, holders, G$ merchants and liquidity providers, as it also enables them to cash back from the reserve according to the same price policy but with a small twist.

GoodDollar is designed to generate a sustainable Universal Basic Income for all, by socially incentivizing DeFi investors to stake part of their portfolio into GoodDollar Trust Funds, a set of smart contracts that aggregates the yield generated by having deposit the supporters money in third party DeFi protocols (Compound, Aave…), feed it into GoodDollar Reserve contract and socially optimize the usage of that money by generating G$s and distribute it equally to all (unique humans) UBI claimers.

GoodDollar have over 250k users all around the world (80k of them have been active in the last month), in our aim to include the next billion people into the decentralized economy, we have the goal to increase the economic impact we might cause in every single UBI claimer, and we can achieve that only with the support of the DeFi 4 Good Community.

By making a charitable donation to GoodDollar, your crypto contribution will be used to mint, create and distribute GoodDollar tokens for forever (or until the GoodDAO decide to make a better use of that liquidity) by including that donation into the Trust Funds “staking” flow.

Disclaimer: This is a demo meant for display only.

KYC Verfication Details

KYC Verfication Details


Validity Period: 1 Nov 2023 - 1 Dec 2023

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